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OLLO S4R v1.1 Recording Headphones

Sound Seal Acoustics

  • Closed Back Design

100% Separation of front and back earcup cavity for maximum transient response and noise cancellation.

  • Minimal Sound Leakage​

OLLO designed the S4R v1.1​ with as little leakage out as possible without compromising frequency response or comfort

Tech Specs

 Frequency Range: 20-22kHz

Impedance: 32ohm

Smart Devices Ready

Weight: 382g

Premium Materials

Timelessness of stainless steel coupled with luxury nautical leather and velour for maximum comfort. Paired with a smell of a fresh sustainably sourced wood.

Built To Last

Backed By OLLO's 5 Year Limited Warranty!

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Record With Certainty

The newly designed S4R v1.1 is a major step up from the previous model in frequency response, comfort, and isolation.

- Brandon S. Hire

Hire Media

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