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 OLLO S4X Reference Headphones

Reference Sound

Natural response achieved using the power of acoustics design and audio engineering, not a single line of code.

Designed and measured using IEC 60318-1 standard.

Tech Specs

 Frequency Range: 20-22kHz

Impedance: 32ohm

Smart Devices Ready

Weight: 350g

Premium Materials

Timelessness of stainless steel coupled with luxury nautical leather and velour for maximum comfort. Paired with a smell of a fresh sustainably sourced wood.

Built To Last

Backed By OLLO's 5 Year Limited Warranty!

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Mix And Master

With Confidence

I've trusted OLLO since 2019, and have moved to exclusively using my OLLO's for my mixing and mastering projects. My Tannoy monitors are collecting dust.

- Brandon S. Hire

Hire Media

Customer Reviews

"My ears are smiling! Thank you!

These really are everything they claim to be!

These things are amazing!!!!!

Everything sounds just as it should!!! Bass is just about perfect. Highs are crisp but silky. This really sounds like I’ve strapped a really expensive pair of floor speakers to my head! Stereo imaging is far better than other more expensive headphones I own. These are like 3D. Already the best ear goggles I’ve ever owned.


These come with a 30 day return to try them out...I didn’t need 30 minutes!"

Danielle Barkman - Co-Owner At Nitrosonic Studios

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